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Careers Expo

2021 Careers Expo

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The Careers Expo is the first in-school Beacon Foundation event for the year and is aimed to help students participating in the Real Futures program to begin thinking about future career opportunities. 

Generally this event is held at the Rich River Golf Club, and involves all five Beacon schools coming together to participate in workshops across a range of industries. 

Last year due to COVID, we were unable to run the event as we normally would, so we partnered with the Campaspe Cohuna LLEN to put together a series of Careers Videos, which are filmed locally and available for us to watch at any time throughout the year. 

This year, the decision was made to run the events within schools. 

Beacon Leaders were involved in the filming and production of a panel interview with three locals, who have very different career journeys. 

We also put together a showbag for each student, with some goodies thanks to local businesses and a Careers Guide which highlights job opportunities available locally.  Schools are celebrating the Expo in their own ways, and taking the opportunity to use the Careers Videos and workbook to support their Real Futures program.

To date, River City Christian College, Moama Anglican Grammar, Echuca Twin Rivers Specialist School and Echuca College have held their event, with St Joseph's College planning theirs for 26 May.Here are the reports and some photos from each school:

River City Christian College
Held in class, Beacon Leaders Simon and Noah opened the Expo with a great speech, and presented the Panel Interview to their peers.
All students then utilised the accompanying workbook to engage with Careers Videos chosen to suit their interests.
The Expo has been incorporated into a raft of Careers workshops and activities happening at the school.
rccc careers expo 1 rccc careers expo 2 rccc careers expo 3
Moama Anglican Grammar
Students participated in the Expo withing their Tutor Groups, with Beacon Leaders Aidan, Lucas, Sophie and Ella leading their respective groups.
After watching the Panel Interview, students utilised the accompanying workbook to explore the suite of Careers Videos and investigate career pathways that might interest them.
mag careers expo 1 mag careers expo 2 mag careers expo 3 mag careers expo 4 mag careers expo 5 mag careers expo 6 mag careers expo 7
Echuca Twin Rivers Specialist School
Students kicked-off their expo with a screening of the Panel Interview.
There were lots of great discussions about choosing Work Experience and Work Placements, and the local Careers Guide developed for the event provided some inspiration.
Beacon leaders Jack and Caitlin couldn't be there today to lead the Expo, but there was lots of excitement from their peers in seeing them on screen during the interview.
*Thanks to the school for supplying photos!
ertss careers expo 1 ertss careers expo 2 ertss careers expo 3 ertss careers expo 4
Echuca College
Year 9 students gathered in the gym for an Expo run by Beacon Leaders Mikayla, Ryder, Sam and Ella.Representatives from KFC Echuca presented some fantastic information about career possibilities with their organisation, and shared some hot tips for moving into the workforce.Students watched the Panel Interview, and heard from Ascend Education about opportunities in the hair and beauty industry.The showbags were a hit as well.
ec careers expo 1  ec careers expo 2  ec careers expo 3  ec careers expo 4  ec careers expo 5  ec careers expo 6
St Joseph's College
Students came together in the Oak Centre for a Careers Expo led by Beacon Leaders. Local businesses attended to facilitate workshops in a similar format to our normal Expo. Students viewed the panel video as a group, and received their showbags.
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