Echuca Moama Beacon Foundation

Make the Pledge!

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Why is Charter Signing Day so important?

Key to the philosophy of the Beacon Foundation is the Charter Signing. The purpose of this important event is to encourage the development of the Youth of this region, as initiated by the Echuca Moama Beacon Foundation in collaboration with the local Secondary Colleges. It is an important opportunity for local business to show support for the program.


On this day students make the following pledge: I willingly commit myself to active participation in the Echuca Moama Beacon Foundation Project and its pro-grams. I also pledge myself to exploring my career options and applying myself to my studies with the aim of moving on to further education, training or employment when I finish my time at this school. ”.


Pictured below are education providers, community members, and students, recognising the importance of the vision and purpose of the Beacon Foundation - signing the Pledge Board.




These are not just words.  This Pledge is a message to our community that students are ready to make the most of their futures, and are open minded when considering education and employment opportunities.