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Employment Opportunities

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Students at Year Ten level have reached the springboard into their senior secondary school years. Young people in this age group often like to look at work force options - either in the form of part time or casual employment, or for some students trianeeships or school based apprenticeships. This section is designed to streamline that process.


Echuca Moama has a number of Group Trainers and RTOs (Registered Training Organisations) who can assist students in accessing traineeships or school based apprenticeships. Added to this, the CRS (Commonwealth Rehabilitatio Service) is very helpful for students and young people with disabilities wishing to break into the workforce.


Echuca Moama is also fortunate to be the base for several national traders who regularly look for part time and/or casusal help to assist them in their day-to-day activities.


Experiencing the dynamics of the workforce and its expectations is a valuable lesson for students in their senior secondary school years. Such experience helps young people to broaden their horizons and assists them in developing mature responses to difficult and sometimes stressful situations.



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