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Mock Interviews

St Joseph's College Mock Interviews

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Over 150 interviews completed over 2 days at St Joseph's College.
Some Year 9 student comments:

"Excellent feedback and I will take comments on for my next job interview."
"I enjoyed the chat because I learnt about the workforce."

"I was a bit nervous and needed to elaborate a bit more."
"My interview went really well and it is going to be very beneficial for my future."
"It was really nerve racking but I managed to keep my composure and she gave me very good feedback that will help me for an interview in the future"
"I quite enjoyed the interview. It was nice getting a new experience and I aced it. This will definitely help me with future job."

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Moama Anglican Grammar Mock Interviews

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Valuable learning experiences at the Beacon Mock Interviews at Moama Anglican Grammar on August 8 2018. 


Some comments from the Year 9 students.
"The interviewer provided a safe environment in which I had the opportunity to learn."
"I received really good advice that has helped my confidence."
"The interviewer was very understanding of the fact we didn't have much experience and was very kind."
"I was a bit nervous but she made me feel nice and comfortable. She gave me good feedback too."
"I thought the interview was really helpful and I got a lot out of it."
"The interviewer provided some really good advice, but I was lost for words at times"
"I was really nervous but once I got into it I felt a lot better."
"I really enjoyed the interview and she has really helped me learn more about future jobs and applications."


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River City Christian College Mock Interviews

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Comments from River City Christian College Year 9/10 Students on their Mock Interviews held last week. 


The experience was a worthwhile experience because ..
"it helped me get an idea of what people look for in an interview."
"It helped us prepare for a real interview."
"I learnt that I would get hired."


The feedback received was helpful beacuse ...
"it was honest feedback."
"I learnt what not to say."
"it got me ready for life."


What I would do differently next time.
"Practice more."
"memorise my responses for the questions."
"be better at everything I did."

Echuca College Mock Interviews

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Echuca College Year 9 students were given the opportunity of a real life experience of a job interview by local business people. The mock interviews held on 31 May 2018 were part of the Echuca Moama Beacon Real Futures program and hosted by the College’s Beacon Leaders.

Here are some comments from the students. 

"At first it was nerve racking, but by the time it was at the end of the interview, it was fine."
"You’re more confident by the end of the interview."
"I thought it was a good experience to prepare myself for the future."
"Great experience. I had a good time. The lady was very nice."
"Good experience and it helped me to learn what I need to improve on and taught me a lot about real life interviews."
"The hardest part was the handshake at the beginning, and then I was calm. I got lots of feedback from my interviewer."



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