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Mock Interviews

Echuca Specialist School Mock Interviews

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Beacon Mock Interviews were held at Echuca Specialist School this morning. Our interviewers were impressed with the way the students presented themselves in the interviews and how well prepared they were. Thanks to our volunteers We Are VividCommunity Living & Respite Services Inc.AtWork Australia. The morning was hosted by the Beacon leaders: Jai and Zach.

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St Joseph's College Mock Interviews

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Mock Interviews have now been completed over the five schools with over 150 interviews conducted at St Joseph’s College over two days on 12 & 13 September.

Thanks to our volunteers from CLRS, Murray River Council, Campaspe Shire Council, CCLLEN, Gunpork Piggery, C4EM, Insurance House, Sarina Russo Apprenticeships, Worklocker Echuca, Revolution Print, Echuca Printers, GMCU, CVGT, Moama Bowling Club, Moama RSL, Agriculture Victoria, CCLLEN, plus Pat Gannon and Sue Turner.

The interviewers were generally impressed with the standard of the Year 9 students’ resumes and covering letters and the way the students presented themselves. Valuable feedback was given to the students on how to improve for their next interview.

Some student comments:

  • It has shown me what a real interview would be like and the sort of questions that are asked along with the pressure to answer them correctly.
  • It was helpful as we got feedback on our interview so we know what to do for a real job interview and have answers to the questions they will ask.
  • It helped me to experience what a job interview was like and to be more confident in the interview.
  • I got to experience what a real job interview would be like so now I feel more comfortable when going for a real job.
  • The feedback was helpful because I can learn from my mistakes.
  • I now know what will happen in an interview and what to fix for my resume and covering letter.

stj mocks 19

stj mocks 2019


Moama Anglican Grammar Mock Interviews

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Mock Interviews held at Moama Anglican Grammar yesterday, gave the Year 9 students a rewarding experience. Thanks to our interviewers from Campaspe Shire CouncilMurray River CouncilInsurance HouseCommunity Living & Respite Services Inc.Dawes & VaryCampaspe Cohuna LLEN, Gunpork Piggery.
Some students comments:
Charlotte: “I felt nervous but extremely excited about the experience.”
Beau: “I received some really constructive feedback that will help me for later interviews.”
Christian: “Good feedback on what I need to improve on and what I have left out of my resume and how to make it better.”
Olivia: “This experience was genuinely eye opening and had a massive impact on how I’m going to go into future interviews. Jessica was amazing and made me feel comfortable and confident in myself.”
Kaleb: “This was a good experience. It made me think about my strengths and weaknesses and it was good to get over the pressure.”

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River City Christian College Mock Interviews

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Year 9 & 10 students experiencing a mock job interview at River City Christian College.

Thanks to our interviewers from Insurance House and Community Living & Respite Services Inc.
Student Comments:
Michael - Cameron really helped and his positive feedback was good.
Taya - It was great. I gave it 10/10.
Narelle - I found the mock interview really good and it really helped. I'm now more confident for going for a real job interview. 
Sara - I found the feedback to be very helpful and positive and now I am more confident for any upcoming interviews. 
Paige - It was extrememly helpful and the feedback was great.

rccc mock interview 2019

rccc mock interviews 2019

Echuca College Mock Interviews

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119 Year 9 students + 13 interviewers = 119 great experiences of a realistic job interview Echuca College
Thanks to NABCommunity Living & Respite Services Inc. Campaspe Shire CouncilInsurance HouseCampaspe Cohuna LLENLockwood PartnersNumanz Embroidery, Sarina Russo Apprenticeships, Echuca Regional HealthWe Are Vivid

Some student comments after the interview: 
Evie: At the start I was feeling nervous but towards the end I started to feel more comfortable 
Cameron: I was nervous going into the interview but got more confident.
Claudia: I wasn't very confident at first but my nerves went away after a while.
Jack: I felt stresed but now I feel calm.
Year 9 student: The interview was very helpful, as she told me what I did wrong, what I did right and what I can do better next time. 
Mitch: I need to stop moving my hands and to stop being nervous.
Hunter: To try and prepare more for the questions and so answer them easier. 
Riley: to space out my cover letter more. 
Blake: I did well. I was very confident.

ec mocks 2019

ec mocks 2019 1