Echuca Moama Beacon Foundation

Student Ambassadors

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The role of the Student Ambassador is one of great importance. Careful selection and training of Student Ambassadors is critical to the success of the Beacon Program. Beacon Student Ambassadors link the program to the students.


Pictured above are our 2011 Student Ambassadors with Executive Officer Steve Gale


Student Ambassadors play a vital role in informing and shaping the program for each individual school. They liaise between the teacher coordinator and students to ensure information pertinent to the program is: 

  • Clearly presented in class
  • Discussed in a meaningful way in class
  • Examined carefully in class
  • Scrutinized to suit individual school environments
  • Planned with other Student Ambassadors and the teacher coordinator


Skills Student Ambassadors develop during their tenure are broad and varied. They are the skills of Leadership and include, but are not restricted to:

  • Collaborative interaction with others
  • Innovative thinking
  • Negotiation for best outcomes
  • Presentation of ideas in a public forum


The position of Student Ambassador enables and encourages students to hone their abilities to motivate and interact and negotiate with their peers.


The Student Ambassadors for 2013 are:


Echuca College:

Teasha McInnes, Georgia Harris, Dan Gretgrix, Jessica Grundy, Mardi- Lee Hutchins, Amy Wright & Marley Jones

St. Joseph's College:

Chelsea McMahon, Jordyn Cook, Paige Watson, Kristen Harris & Olivia Boylan.


Moama Grammar:

Tom McMinn,Kirby Weldon, Tom Naughton & Daniel Van Tubbergh


We wish all 2013 Student Ambassadors foresight, wisdom, and diplomacy during their tenure with the Echuca Moama Beacon Foundation.