Echuca Moama Beacon Foundation

Vision and Purpose

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The Beacon Foundation is a National not-for-profit organisation that seeks to influence the attitudes and culture of Australians so that each young person develops an independent will to achieve personal success for themselves, acknowledging the importance of thier community. Through Beacon initiatives, and the participating schools encouragement and guidance, new leaders will emerge who will be at the forefront of their chosen career paths and ultimately be community leaders of the future.



The Echuca Moama Beacon Foundation supports youth in the Echuca Moama precinct, especially in the 15 - 17 age group. It assists students to make informed chioces in the areas of future education and employment, and encourages youth to make a commitment to their own personal development. It cultivates the support of industry and community groups, through financial and human resources assistance, to achieve its vision.



  • The Echuca Moama Beacon Foundation is a community in which schools, business and community groups work togather with and for the benfit of youth.
  • The Echuca Moama Beacon Foundation values:
  • Achievement and the pursuit of excellence
  • Effort, participation and positive contribution
  • Equality of access to learning and employment opportunities
  • Cooperativeness and a shared responsibility for accessing education and emploment opportunities
  • The provision of a safe, supportive education and employment environment
  • Development of self esteem
  • Personal qualities of trust, honesty, mutual respect, tolerance of indicvidual differences, and citizenship


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